Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Starbucks Diaries

Today, as we headed to Starbucks for a bagel and hot chocolate, there was a man standing outside. I have seen this man before (in fact, I have bought him hot chocolate before) He's disheveled and carrying a duffle bag.

I get up to the counter to order my drink and bagel - and I order one more drink and a gingerbread.

But when we go to leave, the man is gone.

So, we walk through the park (where there are usually several homeless people hanging out) We see a man on a bench drinking something out of a paper bag. "I think he already has a drink" I say to my friend. "Indeed."

We see another man sitting at a table. He has his bag in front of him so I don't notice that he already has a drink. And when we get close enough and I start to say something, he reaches for his coffee. So instead of asking if he wants a drink, I say, "Oh! you have a drink. Do you like gingerbread?" He smiles and says yes, so I hand him the gingerbread. He thanks me and we walk on, laughing that we can't seem to give away a drink.

(this should tell you how much I love my coworkers since the thought of bringing it back to the office for someone was NEVER an option)

Instead, a young (20 something) guy wearing a beanie and riding a cool bike (the kind with tall handle bars) rides by. So I say, "hey! you thirsty?!" He screeches to a halt and says, "sure!" So he gets his free hot chocolate and I come back feeling like I racked up a little good karma, and a decent blog entry.


Nicole P. said...

Awww, you are so nice!!

Lindsey said...

Send me a drink damnit! :-) You are just spreading so much Christmas cheer!!! You should be Mrs. Claus!

Oh, by the way, did you hear that "woot" has been added to the dictionary as a real word? I thought of you when I read that.

L Sass said...

Wow. You are like a 300 times better person than I am! That's adorable.

Anonymous said...

I too would offer a stranger something before thinking of my coworkers. It's just how I roll.