Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not The Best Savings Plan

Bowling is not the best savings plan. Let me explain.

Initial membership: $19
Dues: $14 a week for 31 weeks = $434
Prize money at the end of last season: $167

This is a net loss of $286

And after the crappy bowling I did tonight, I think I might just go ahead and put $14 a week in a savings account and then I'd actually have $434 at the end of the season! woot!


Today was a totally craptastic day. I should have known when it started with two broken nails as I got into the car (the door was too heavy and I didn't have the best grip on the door handle.) Grrrr. I copped an attitude with a manager at work - not my manager - just a manager who was asking for something that I had already given her. Apparently this person told my boss that I need to "take a deep breath" which is kind of funny because she's the same person who totally lost her shit in a meeting in front of 15-20 staff. Good times.

And bowling sucked. We bowled Miss Frumpy and her sister Skeletor. And I bowled shitty. oh and did I mention that I smashed my thumb in the desk drawer at work too? So yeah, I'm not doing so hot. (we won't mention that Mark put my ball back in my bag a little too roughly too and the leg on the bag hit me in the shin and will probably leave a bruise).

So, aren't you guys happy I didn't stick to that Pollyanna blog idea? ha!


Dumbass said...

Whew! I'm glad she's not mentioning that.

L Sass said...

savings, schmavings. You need to keep bowling. The public needs updates on the adventures of Miss Frumpy and Skeletor!

*~*Cece*~* said...

I know I'm going to have a bad day when it starts with broken nails. Or moving underware.