Thursday, March 20, 2008


I must have been feeling nice yesterday.

Flutter and I went grocery shopping to get some stuff to make awesome cupcakes and dinner last night. One of the items we needed was chicken. So we went to the meat counter to get chicken and we rang the bell and we waited.

and we waited.

and waited.

I finally went up to the front of the store to see if they could page the person at the meat counter.

"Jose, customer service in the meat department"

But no way, Jose. haha. Sorry I couldn't resist.

So we stood there some more and another customer walked up and she looked at us standing there looking around PUSHED THE BUTTON.

And I, being the nice girl that I am - I refrained from saying, "OMG! Why didn't I think of that!"

Flutter went to get someone else to page someone to the meat counter...and when she came back, she hit the buzzer for fun. And then I couldn't resist making my comment.

Eventually some guy (?) that worked there but who didn't work in meat and who was actually off the clock ended up helping us.

And wouldn't you know it, as we were walking to the register another person wearing the store uniform walked in from outside. And I said, "Jose!" and he was all, "uh?" and I said, "we've been calling for you" and he said, "I was on a break!"

Just like Ross and Rachel.

how nice.


Nicole P. said...

You are the reason I don't work retail.

Julie said...

What the hell kind of cupcakes were you making that required CHICKEN??


OMG my word verification is "jose" like

Vanessa said...

I hate the double pushers too. When I lived in NYC I went bat shit crazy from it. "No, really I just like standing around at the elevator bank." "Oh, the button! Is that how you get the elevator to come to your floor?"

L Sass said...

You sure did put that Jose in his place!

audrey said...

Okay, I thought your post itself was funny, but Julie's comment is almost more than I can take without falling out of my chair laughing. I love it!

Anonymous said...

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