Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sacramento Gets Hicktastic!

Good news, y'all! Nicole didn't hack us up. Everyone is alive and well.

I'm way too tired after having so much fun - but I wanted to share the highlights.

First, we went to the Old City Cemetery - you know, just for fun. (and so she'd know where to bury me, if she did, in fact, just come to kill me)

A Mani-pedi party!

No boys allowed - but Emily did bring weiners.

Tequila and a rousing game of spoons.

A seedy bar.

And an after party with pesto pizza.

Nicole is totally funny and cool and lovely (I totally envy her green eyes). She not even remotely tragic. :P And we (well, I) had so much fun.

AND even Clyde approved!


L Sass said...

I am so jealous of you! Sounds like the perfect girls' weekend to me.

Vanessa said...

How awesome! I really want to meet some of my bloggy friends in person, just none of them seem to live in Dallas. The mani pedi party sounds great!

Julie said...


Glad that she didn't kill you!

alyndabear said...

That's fantastic - I am glad you are both not dead.

(Am totally jealous!)

Type (little) a said...

The whole weekend sounds pretty awse.

Except I would have skipped the pesto pizza. That looks like it should be served with Green Beer on St. Patrick's Day.

Don't listen to me. I am a total Brooklyn girl pizza snob.

Nicole P. said...

Haha, those pictures turned out decent! I haven't even looked at mine yet. Sometime in the near future (I hope) I'll be able to do my weekend post. In the meantime, I'm tunneling an escape from San Francisco. Can't wait to get to Palm Springs tomorrow morning.

Thanks again for everything. I had a fantastic weekend in Sac. heh. Old Sac.

Nicole P. said...

I would also like it noted that I didn't go out with my hair in Judy Garland- the early years ringlets. She took my picture halfway through the process.

Just sayin.

Aimee said...

if we're getting all technical - I would like to also point out that the "red eye" fixer might have went a little haywire on that first photo. I don't normally look like a cabbage patch kid.

B. Good said...

That pesto pizza looks scrumptious!!

simplypink said...

There's nothing as great as a girl's afternoon even! Looks like fun was had by all. Somebody has an awesome polish collection too!

I need to put on my glasses because I thought Clyde's tail was a duck's neck. ;) Yes, I have vision problems.

Lindsey said...

Um I am totally jealous!!! In fact, I think we are having our first fight.