Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Long Warranty

Long ago a friend of mine (who was several years older than me) said to me: When you turn 30, your warranty runs out.

Sad, I thought.

And 30 came and I was not doing too badly. And now I'm 31 - and I guess a total late bloomer because the warranty ran out today. :(

Yesterday I did something (reached for something or something equally normal) and I felt a weird twinge in my neck. I said to Mark, "that made my neck feel weird for a second" So then I went about my business and then went to sleep (after watching some horrible stuff on tv).

And this morning I COULD NOT GET UP. My neck hurt so bad. I feel like the girl in Sixteen Candles - the one with the neck brace. I tried to get a drink of water to wash down the ibuprofin this morning and it took two hands and some definite splashing to get any water in my mouth.

Let's not even rehash how hard it was to drive to work without turning my head to check to see if traffic was speeding towards me when I tried to make turns. Or how hard it is to parallel park when you can't move your head. Or getting into the car when you're taller than the doorway when you're sitting down so you have to bang your head on the top of the door just to wedge yourself into the vehicle. Let's not talk about these things, okay?

I think I'm gonna go home - but I'm afraid if I lay down again, I might not get back up. Sad.


Nicole P. said...

Get thee to a chiropractor, lady! Uh oh, maybe my spinal issues are contagious!

L Sass said...

Oh no!! Neck injuries SUCK.

Make Mark buy you some ice cream.

HUGS (but gentle hugs that don't hurt your necky-poo)

Carrie said...

Yep! Sorry but it happens.

mod girl 80 said...

i love your blog (anyone who is proud about being a brunette is awesome in my book anyways...) i had back problems last year and then i realized my apartment was kept at like 2 degrees. this year i always sleep with an electric blanket and my back is in heaven. you are too young for neck pain! but if you do need a neck brace, one word: beadazzler.