Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I had my final meeting yesterday. It went just as I suspected it would. Except that instead of yelling at me, the institution was very complimentary. (I know I caught one of the guys on a bad day). That was really nice of them.

But yeah, basically the entire story is - they were spending way more than their budget. Our office wanted to discuss this with them. Our office kept switching around the dates on them. Their analyst kept sending me frillions of pieces of paper explaining small expenditures (under$100,000) and I kept pushing that aside (that is nothing in the grand scheme of a $70 million dollar budget).

But yeah, so they were worried that we were going to be mean to them. And then they kept getting their date changed and by the time we actually got to meet - we'd all stopped working on it. ::sigh:: But, it's over and now I can focus on other stuff. (we only do these meetings once a year - THANK GOD)

So now I'm feeling more relaxed and less stressed and I'm able to focus on some other stuff that has been building up on my desk. (again, ::sigh::). Last night I celebrated by watching Paradise Hotel and painting my nails (again). Today's polish is Orchid Oasis by Essie. I call it my Thank God Fiscals Are Over polish.

So I'm enjoying my downtown with a little more blog posting and a lot more blog reading. This one is cracking me up.


Nicole P. said...

Yay until next year!

L Sass said...

I adore that polish! In fact, I am going to go buy it after work.

Vanessa said...

YAY Its over! Great way to celebrate too.

Anonymous said...

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