Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Thoughts

Clyde was pretty cute today. He decided that he likes Chance's bed. First he kneaded the bed. and then he took some time to get pretty. and finally, he snuggled in to stay. Chance was not thrilled. He's afraid of Clyde though, so he let the squatter stay.

Later, Clyde stole a hotdog from Mark.

I did take most of the hot dog away. But he found it in the sink and I ended up giving it back to him. He's way out of control. Right now he's flinging toys around the living room. I think the hotdog gave him energy. And I also bet he's gonna look really round tomorrow from all that salt and water retention. hehe.

Please send happy thoughts to my mama tomorrow. She's having surgery in the morning. (goodbye you pesky gallbladder!)


Nicole P. said...

Our cats do that too! Spot grabbed a HUGE ham rind from the sink this weekend and downed it like a damn snake.

Craze said...

Cats sure do have their own quirky personalities huh? Good luck to your mom!

flutterbyshutter said...

chance doesn't understand that he's a LOT bigger than clyde does he? poor chanie.

Julie said...

Oh My God.
I think I am in love with Clyde.


L Sass said...

Maybe nitrates have hallucinogenic effects on animals?

Sugee Andersyn said...

One time I came home from running errands to find my dog sprawled out over her bed with her belly extremely bloated and her tongue hanging out of her mouth like she'd just run a mile in the heat. I was like omg, what the heck is wrong with her? I went to give her some water and found that her bowl was bone dry. She'd drunk all the water!? Then as I turned the corner I saw that there was a big hole torn in the trash and an empty pack of hotdogs nearby!!