Friday, April 4, 2008

The One Where She Doesn't Cry

Yesterday at book club my coworker R brought her darling little girl Aubrie. Now, Aubrie just happens to be the CUTEST baby EVER. And she was all giggly and smiley. She also made a really cute face when she heard her first fire engine siren too (R & I had our hands over her ears) She stiffened up and got wide eyed looking around.

When it was time to heat up her bottle, I went inside the diner to get a cup of hot water to heat it in. And I took Aubrie with me. I thought for sure she'd cry because she couldn't see mom. But she didn't! I was shocked.
I was like Sally Field, "They like me, they really like me!"

Book club went really well too. We had 9 grown up ladies there. :P We didn't talk much about the book other than to say OMG WE LOVED IT. (except one person who just couldn't get into it) But it was nice to get together and chat and enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air. Not to mention eating copious amounts of chocolate cake.

This weekend we're off to the coast for camping where it will be 40-60 degrees (eek!) I'm really sad that 40-60 degrees doesn't sound that cold to some of you (my condolences) Enjoy your weekend!


Freckle Face Girl said...

Have fun, but don't freeze!

Carrie said...

OmG! That is cold.

So how do you go about getting in a book club? I'm so interested.

Have fun!

simplypink said...

I understand the temp thing. It sounds cold to me. We had a big drop like that here. It's not good to go from flip flops to shoes.

I'm glad the little one liked you. ;)

Making my way in PA said...

Yesterday was in the 50s here and I was outside all day because it was so "warm".


I can't wait until real spring ans summer weather get here.

L Sass said...

40 to 60 is CHILLY for camping!! Hope you had fun!

flutterbyshutter said...

where's the weekend wrap up?! i want to hear about camping! :P

*~*Cece*~* said...

OMG I haven't visited you in FOREVER! My bad! Dude you're going camping in 40-60 degree weather? Did you lose a bet or something? lol You won't see my CA butt out in that weather! hehe

Anonymous said...

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