Thursday, August 14, 2008


(please hold while I laugh hysterically at Tori Spelling trying to sing)

Is anyone still out there? I'm telling you, this has been another rough month. And on top of everything else, (including the governor cutting my salary to the whopping sum of $6.55 per hour) our office has blocked ALL BLOGS. Seriously. That's just mean.

Needless to say, I can't post from work and I can't keep up on your lives from work either. :( And when I'm at home - I'm rarely on the computer. But I will catch up! I miss you guys!

There is a lot of suckiness happening around here. Everything is clouded by the fact that Chance is sick...and while he was getting better and seemed fairly normal, he's taken a turn for the worse this week. He's not wanting to eat (which means he's eating lots of treats and people food).

But, prior to that, Mark and I planned to go on a family camping trip and we decided to take Chance with us. We went to Bodega Bay (ocean!). But we were silly because we forgot to bring coats. um, hi! ocean! water! wind! cold! So we had to stop in a small city on the way and buy sweatshirts at the outlet mall. (mine is super cute though!)

The road trip was fun. Mark and I always have fun when we go places because we laugh and talk and joke a lot. We took a couple breaks and got Taco Bell (Chance had a taco). We got to camp late and set everything up. When we were done setting up the rest of our group showed up. (almost everyone was already there when we got there, except two cousins and their wives and one baby).

The days consisted of lots of walks on the beach (Chance loved running from the tide with me and collecting sand dollars....though he did try to eat the first one.) And there was lots of food. (which Chance got to share with everyone). Mark is always a great cook, particularly when we're camping.

We had a great time. Chance was a little confused about the tent, but he caught on quick....especially when he got to wander away from his bed and sleep with us on our sleeping bag bed (he kept me snuggly warm!) and when he got to eat graham crackers around the camp fire with us.

the only downside was the horrible sunburn we came home with. Mark has a super redneck and I look like spiderman. woohoo!


Mrs. F said...

You don't think you are really going to get $6.55, do you? I don't know how it works in the office, but I know that they are working pretty hard to get CDCR exempted from that...Anyways, I am crossing my fingers that this shit changes, because we can not afford to live on $6.55...can anyone afford that? I mean, California minimum wage is closer to $8, isn't it? (Not like I think $8 would be any better) I'm totally rambling. Sorry.

And--dang you got pink!

Roy Scribner said...

I wish we could get up to Bodega Dunes more often. We're in south San Jose, so it takes us about 3 hours just to get across the bay on a Friday.

Carrie said...

That has to be a typo. There is no way anyone can live off of $6.55 per hour in CA. Even here in Jokelahoma, you can work fast food for $8.00.

I'm sorry about Chance. I'm glad he got to go camping and got his taco.


Cece said...

We haven't been camping since Spring, we need to go more through the year.

Nicole P. said...

Dude, $6.55 AND blocking blogs? Who thought that was a good idea?!

Yay for road trips, though! And yay for Channy the Taco Man

Julie said...

Hey- How's chance doing??

Anonymous said...


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