Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Need a Break from the Real World

Not the show on MTV (is that even still on? if it is, it probably shouldn't be...but that's totally not the point). I just need a break. Like a C@lgon take me away break - except for like a month.

Daisy did much better this week in Puppy Kindergarten. The trainer was impressed with her response to "sit" (she's a good dog!) and she did a lot better than we thought she would on the "loose leash walking." She tugged some, but she didn't try to drag Mark down the aisle...and she responded well when he stopped (every time she pulled). She'd look at him like, "Daddy? Can we go? Hello?" and then she'd sit. (see! I'm a good dog!) and then they'd start walking again.

One of our problem areas is working on "no cat!" Daisy wants so badly to play with the cats - and the cats are like, "oh hell no!" So she's always getting swatted at or spat at or hissed at. And she continues to jump at them. So last night, she did pretty good with "no cat!" and I refocused her attention on a toy or her bone. Except, Clyde thought she was still too close to him and he reached out to smack her. And instead, dug his paw into my skull, not to mention freaking me the f*ck out by smacking me a couple times.

And then Daisy came running out of the bedroom from her kennel and knocked into the back of my knees - practically knocking me to the ground.

I swear, when I die and my life flashed before my eyes - it will just be a series of me being knocked down, tripping, or burning myself in the kitchen. That is not exactly how I want to remember my life.


Cece said...

Isn't it amazing at how quickly they learn? I can tell Pebbles UH-UH-UH and she lays down completely flat and waits for the Good Girl that comes next b/c she stopped doing what she SHOULDN'T have been doing! lol

Rhiannon said...

We might be twins. Someone will says what's that from, pointing to a scar on my arm, leg, or um, FACE.

And, I'll say, "oh! I fell!" or, "Oh, I burned myself!" or, "Oh, I dropped something on myself"

I seriously looking like a battered woman. Except I'm doing all the battering.

Nicole P. said...

You'll have to come up with a good story for your heavily scarred head. Saying that the cat beat you up is NOT good street cred.

Carrie said...

Imagine 5 months ago walking down the stairs and boom! I'm going to start calling Zippy, Stewie!

Julie said...

Im going to start yelling "NO CAT" at Tim and see if he reacts.

I'll let you know.

Vanessa said...

There learn fast and oh how they make for great stories!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds like you are a big scratching post or toy for all those pets. :)

B. Good said...

I love the pet posts, lol. You have such a full house! I can't wait to have my own brood :)