Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daisy Goes To Kindergarten

This morning when I got up, I thought, "I need to remember to charge the camera so I can take a picture of Daisy on her way to her first day of school."

I didn't charge the camera. So there is no photographic evidence of Daisy going to school. This is probably a good thing. No reminder of the clusterfuck I'll call Daisy's Kindergarten Class.

There are 9 dogs in the class. Daisy, Bailey (my friend Bri's dog), this white fluffy drop-kick dog, a dog that the woman thought was spayed but went into heat and now wears "panties", a bulldog named Cheeseburger (ha!), a really calm Rottweiler named Johnny, and three German Shepards (one of which was really docile - and the other two kept playing and mauling each other).

The dogs are all fine. Well, except drop-kick...but one of the owners should have been drop kicked herself. She's the one with the dog in heat...and a stroller with two screaming toddlers.

At what point did she think to herself, let's lock me, the dog, and the two screamers into an area with 8 other dogs who have not had basic obedience training (that's why we're all here!)

Bri actually did okay - Bailey can be a handful, but she brought an extra set of hands. I can tell you that being a single parent at doggy kindergarten is not easy! lol I had to hold her leash (while she tried to play with drop-kick and Bailey), our binder, and her homework. My hands hurt from struggling with her leash. I bet she has a sore throat tomorrow from tugging.

So, I'm really hoping that the screaming toddlers don't show up next week. And that the clickers (used for training) have arrived so we can get started. I'm really anxious for Daisy to focus in a large group and be able to do the commands that I know she already knows...but with an audience and not just for me or Mark.

I did get a chance to take her to the dog park (alone, because Mark has been out of town)...and she was playing too rough with a tiny 3 month old pomeranian (she's a little too exuberant for tiny dogs) and so I had to grab her collar and pull her I'm walking away with her, my friend Kait is laughing and I'm like, "what?" and I look behind me and the little fluff ball is following us...hippity hoppitying right behind. The little bugger.

Seriously, I wish I had something uplifting and fun to tell you - but really my weekend was full of "let's tire out the dog!" fun. Otherwise, I did get the house clean. So that's something. :P


Carrie said...

I wonder why they don't have kitty school?

Cece said...

Oh don't scare me I go to puppy orientation next Saturday! And my Pebbles is being a toe biter these days & I'm about to change her name to NO BITE!! lol