Sunday, September 7, 2008

Queen Bee

You know how some people will get a puppy because they think it will help them to determine whether or not they'd be a good parent? We didn't do that. But, on the other hand, I know I've thought (as I run around yelling and pulling shoes, books, remote controls, cat toys, etc from Daisy's mouth) OMG I'm going to be the worst parent EVER. Then reality sets in and I realize that while kids come out noisy - they don't come out with 200% energy and a penchant for chewing on everything I own (so far the only things we've sacrificed are some dog toys and Mark's belt - so we're not doing too bad).

(one of these things is NOT a toy - can you guess what it is?)

And I know you're thinking, "Aimee, she's a puppy. What did you expect?" and to that I have to say that she was so much more mellow at the SPCA. Come to find out it was because she had kennel cough - but that's neither here nor there. So, now that she's on antibiotics, and feeling much better, she's turned into a puppy! (the horrors!)

She's very smart, and listens (when she wants to! ha!) But she has sooo much energy. She's usually calm all day but then when night comes she's a CRAZY PERSON. She's running, she's chasing the cats, she's flinging toys, and she's stealing everything else she can get her teeth on.

So, we found a solution. Sort of. We found a solution one day a week. We took her to doggy day camp. (darling!) (but they are only open one day a week. boo!) Apparently, she fell in love with an Australian Shepard and they played ALL DAY LONG (read: from 9:00 - 3:30) They said she was too busy playing that she wouldn't even stop to eat her lunch (awwww). And when she got home, she pretty much passed out.

EXCEPT! Thursdays are also softball nights. Soooo we took her to softball, and since there is a dog park at the softball fields, we took her there too. She had fun chasing after a 3 year old (giant!) chocolate lab named Cosmo. By the time the game started, she was curled up asleep at my feet on the bleachers (bliss!)

Yesterday (Saturday) Mark fixed all the sprinklers (the city fixed a water main which messed up some of our sprinklers and made them leak) and filled in the giant mud hole (the one Daisy liked to play in so she wasn't allowed out in the backyard - which made it harder to get away from her for some peace for just FIVE minutes.) So she got to play outside with him (she's afraid of the sprinklers - she was hiding in the far corner from him while he had them on). Later, we took her to a different dog park - the one we went to when Nicole visited earlier this year.

There were SO MANY dogs. (duh) Dog parks make me nervous (especially since I don't know how she'll act - we've had her less than two weeks) But she just loved it. She wasn't agressive and a lot of the other dogs really liked her. She was like Regina George (only nicer of course) - a group of dogs kept following her around as she raced around the dog park. She made friends with a GIANT white pit bull (with brown spotted ears) named Zukko. (any time another dog would chase her and she didn't want them to anymore, she'd come hide between the chairs near Zukko, which I thought was hilarious.) Smart girl.

And she was pooped again. And a peaceful evening and night's sleep was had by all (except for Mark - he's a light sleeper and Daisy likes to wiggle around in her crate while she sleeps and makes a lot of noise - and she snores. hehe).

So, right now, I am taking a break from cleaning while the cats enjoy being able to wander around the house without the dog trying to "play" with them and Daisy is taking a nap in the sunshine in our freshly watered backyard. Things are looking up.


Vanessa said...

I second that nothing wears you out like a puppy, the good news is they grow out of it.

Erin said...

Puppies are so much work...but they are worth it in the end! :) And, as I'm sure you know, a tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy. The trouble is, there is very little that wears a puppy out!

Cece said...

OMG how cute! I want to kiss her! Congrats on the new puppy!!

Girl I can totally relate on the wild animal puppy at night, good lord. We started taking our baby for walks after dinner but I think we're walking her too early b/c by 8:00 she's got her second wind! lol I can't wait until she's big enough (read: weighs more than 2 pounds and can walk longer than 8 minutes) so we can go on longer walks. A puppy is so much work but I did lots of reading and talking to my family before we brought Pebbles home and its paying off. Have fun!

Carrie said...

She is so cute. But I bet a handful. Our zoo is crazy too.

Julie said...

We adopted Bailey when she was 7 so I have NO idea what having a puppy is like....

Sounds exhausting!
She's super cute though!

Lexi and Jordan said...

You make me laugh! Babies may not start off with 200% energy & biting things, but within 9 months they do that & more. Fortunately, when it happens they don't have many teeth. :)