Friday, October 24, 2008

I Can't Believe We Live Here

You may not know this, but Mark knows everything about cars. Not just like how to fix them, but what year those headlight styles were changed in that model of car, etc etc. So, when you take tires off your car, and you leave them sitting in the front yard (more in our yard than in ours) he's not gonna buy it when you say, "oh someone just dumped them here. they aren't ours." Because he knows that two weeks ago he saw the gold rimmed one on that one car (insert year/make/model here), that was at your house three thursdays ago. On the full moon.

Thankfully, a few weeks ago I signed up for the neighborhood cleanup appointment. Basically it's when you can take those items that you might otherwise have to haul off to the dump yourself - and you place it on your curb and the city will come haul it away for free. Once a year.

Mark started hauling stuff to the curb right after work, including an old bike (which I was going to leave out for the donation truck for salvation army or the disable veterans of america...but hadn't mentioned that to Mark (I felt bad just tossing it). Except our neighbor came over and said, "don't throw that away!" and took it.

He also brought out a couple of old plastic chairs and a wobbly wooden bench. Both of which ended up on her front porch within an hour of us going into the house. We're pretty used to seeing people who drive around and pick through those piles (they used to do the pickup for each neighborhood on the same day so there were like a 100 houses participating, but i think they went to the appointment format so people wouldn't troll entire neighborhoods pillaging). We just hoped it wouldn't be our neighbor that would do the picking.

Although, this neighbor did pick up our old BBQ during the last neighborhood cleanup, so this shouldn't surprise us at all. The tires without rims ended up going in our pile too - and the other two with rims (the city won't pick them up with rims) were hauled away by Mark, who is my hero. Because now, our yard looks so much better. You know, until the neighbors work on their cars again. ::sigh::


Annoyed Know-it-all said...

I didn't know she took the chairs or the bench... maybe she'll want the rest of the matching wooden patio furniture.

Mrs. F said...

UGh! We had our crap picked up a couple months ago and every junk collector in the neighborhood came by to pillage through it all. It ended up being a not-so-nice pile by the time the city people came to pick it up. We also had people adding stuff to our pile...