Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Cases of Randomness

So, it's almost 7 pm. and I'm at work doing that "hurry up and wait" thing that we waste money paying overtime for. Awesomeness.

So, yesterday, in the car I'm talking my friend, um, we'll call her Paitlin...and my mom. And we're talking about candy coated sunflower seeds. And Paitlin and is VERY excited because...

"and they don't even have the shells so you don't have to spit them out"

um, okay.


Last night was pretty crappy. Mark couldn't sleep and Daisy had two accidents in her crate, which meant we were both up in the middle of the night.

I'm really looking forward to getting away over the weekend, even if it's gonna be raining. ::sigh:: I think Mark might disown me if I got Daisy a raincoat too...which is just sad. They have one with rubber ducky buttons on it.

So, in between working 400 hours a week and having school twice a week and doggy day care twice a week and bowling once a week...plus getting ready to go out of town...my dad calls to tell me that my grandma has cleaned out her hutch, which she wants me to have. And can I come by and get it this week before the weekend since it's going to be raining over the weekend.

Um, I own a Kia. Not a truck. Mark has a truck, but I don't think that he and I and grandma can lift a giant hutch into the back of the truck. He, on the other hand, has a truck, lives closer and also has at least one if not two friends who are usually with him...and who have bigger muscles than me and grandma put together. People are silly (particularly since I asked him to come by and pick up Mark's Christmas present because it's too big to keep hidden for two months till Christmas...so he could drop off the hutch and pick up the Christmas gift. right?)

And no snooping Mr. Mark! :P


Carrie said...

Ah rambles. I love them. Why can't you get Daisy a raincoat. She *IS* your daughter! LOL

Julie said...

Um wow.
That was the randomest post ever.