Thursday, October 16, 2008


How you bee, people?
Daisy had a fabulous time at daycare on Tuesday. When we got there, no one was at the reception desk and so Daisy was loooooking all around like, "where is she?" When the woman came around the corner, Daisy was very happy to see her.
When I picked her up, they reported that Miss Daisy has a boyfriend! Apparently she played and flirted with a 7 month old border collie named, Buster. A younger man! Go Daisy!


Carrie said...

You spoil her soo much! She is so cute. No wonder she is picking up younger men. LOL

Julie said...

Bailey is dressed up this week too!!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Cute costume!

Lindsey said...

It's like I go away for awhile and you HAVE A NEW, ADORABLE CHILD! I love Daisy! What a sweetheart!