Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Have YOU Been?

So I got a complaint yesterday that I never blog anymore. And I realized that I keep checking my "regular" blogs and a lot of those people aren't blogging anymore either. Does this mean that I need to somehow weedle may way into a new group of bloggers? I'll have to look into this, I think. (also, if you've been lurking and not commenting - please drop me a note so I can come by and visit your blog.)

I wish I had new and EXCITING things to report, but alas, there are none. I'm still taking tennis classes twice a week - and I think I've really improved. I can actually return a serve now, which is pretty exciting. And I'm not bad at serving either (and you don't want to mess with my backhand, I'm just sayin'!)

Bowling isn't going as well. I'm all over the map (as is Mark) so we're slightly frusterated. I am starting to really like a few of the other bowlers though - and somehow have managed to avoid the ones I don't particularly care for (which seem to outnumbered those that I do like! ha!)

Work has been kind of crappy. Lots of unnecessary overtime at the last minute. I do like being busy, but I hate sitting around doing nothing waiting for someone else to make a decision so I can finish an assignment and get home to my family. It is very apparent that there are managers in our office who must hate their families because they never seem to want to go home.

The kitties are doing well. Minnie has adopted a small tent as her "base" and loves to jump into it when you walk into the room or jump out at the feather toy. Jack keeps hiding in shoe boxes so I keep saving them for him and so there are like 4 in our hallway and he jumps from box to box. Salem is still super needy and spends most of his time under the bed or sleeping on our heads. Clyde was a little cranky and distant when we first got Daisy, but he's been getting special attention and seems to be back to normal...he regulated on Daisy yesterday and made her yelp - so I'm sure that brought a little joy to his fussy little heart.

Daisy went to her first dog birthday party at daycare yesterday. Apparently there was a party scheduled so the daycare lady called to ask if Daisy could participate and eat cake. I told her she could (along with OMG that's sooo cute). Later, the update was that they did finally get a party hat on Daisy's head, but she flung it off shortly after...and she didn't want any cake because she was too busy playing. That girl, she loves to play.

Now we're just gearing up for a vacation to the North Coast to enjoy a few days (with Daisy) in a cozy cottage. I'm hoping it rains one day because it was nice and cozy last time we went and it rained. Mark will be abalone diving and I will just be enjoying some time away with my boy.


Anonymous said...

I love how you said you "got a complaint"... as if you had a box set out next to your blog for those types of things. :)

Either way, it's good to have an update from you!

Carrie said...

I'm still here. Lindsey is also still alive. I heard from her the other day. I think life just gets busy.

I do miss you pets and your life and your cool bowling league. LOL

Julie said...

I stop blogging on a daily basis and now you're going to up and leave me and find new friends???

In the words of Ms. Stephanie Tanner

Mrs. F said...

Blogging was slow for me in the summer months. I am sure that as the weather gets cooler and I am cooped up inside the house more often, then I will find more and more things to blog about. Maybe. Maybe that is the case for you and all your blogging buddies, too?

You don't tweet anymore, either. I'm just sayin'.

Domestic Goddess in Training said...

What part of the coast? My whole family goes ab diving. I have recipes if you need any!

audrey said...

I second Julie's comment.