Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Update

It looks like I'm only updating like once a week - so I'll get a head start on this week and do it on Sunday, how does that sound?

Let's see - Daisy is still full of energy. She's found a new way to deal with it though - digging. She has been digging in our flower beds. Exhibit A:

I've had to do a little rearranging at the house. It seems that Minnie really likes this vase of fake flowers that I usually keep on the buffet. She's been rubbing her little face on it and knocking it off. Which, in turn, makes Daisy bark like a crazy person. So I moved the vase to the dining room table. That worked for like 20 minutes. And now it just lays on its side on the table. Minnie took the opportunity for a photo shoot:

Needless to say, we are probably not getting a Christmas tree this year. Nor will we be putting up many decorations. I'm still trying to figure out where to hang the stockings since everyone has one (I got Minnie's recently and Daisy's about a month ago). It will be sad without Chance and Golem's stockings though, so maybe it's better to be more low-key. I'm not really feeling all holiday spirity. Well, I take that back. I'm excited about some projects (like our gift of warmth and adopt-a-family) at work and I'm excited about holiday get togethers. I'm just kind of stressed about shopping and all the stuff that doesn't even really matter. go figure.

As for wedding stuff - we're talking plans. I think the only thing that will stress me out is the guest list. We really need to decide if we want to make it really small and intimate or if we want to have everyone there. That will probably help us decide if we want to do it in 2009 or 2010 (read: more people = more money required = wait one more year). I think I've decided that I'm going to try to rent a dress - I'm really against spending a frillion dollars on a dress to just have it sit in the closet forever. Because I'd probably never get rid of it, and I'm not naive enough to think that in 25 years when I have a daughter who might be getting married that she'd want to wear my out-of-style dress. So, to save me (and my non-existant offspring) the guilt and the closet space, I contacted the dress rental place to see if they can get the gown that I love. (keep your fingers crossed). Otherwise, we've pretty much decided autumn (october), sunflowers, and these darling leaf invitations. And that's pretty much it. But, considering we have 11 months or 23 months to plan - I think we're doing pretty good.

Ending on a good note: I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I love stuffing. and then I can start cookie baking for the holidays! yeah!!


Nicole P. said...

That picture of Daisy cracks me up! She's all "What?! I'm busy here!"

As far as the wedding, just invite your parents and then set up a live web feed for everyone else. Then we can all see your wedding!!

Julie said...

Yeah that pic of Daisy is a little conspicuous.

I am intrigued about the renting of the dress.. I think that since I was the one of us that was forced to have a baby- Remember that? Eventhough I didn't actually have a baby.- That you have to be the one to rent the dress to tell us all about it.

Vanessa said...

I love stuffing too! I also hear you about the decoration issue, sometimes it's easier not to decorate because of all the time it saves policing the decorations.

Carrie said...

I love your babies!

I keep telling everyone that I am getting married March 13, 2009 but yet I haven't planned or done anything yet. LOL

Lindsey said...

I couldn't decide between autumn and early summer (well, technically late spring) for our wedding, but in the end it came down to what color scheme I wanted to go with. Autumn is my favorite season, but I really wanted pink and green and it just made more sense to do those colors in the spring! I think it's cool you are renting a gown. Although, I found the dress I wanted in the stores and then with a stroke of luck found it on ebay for $375. A store was going out of business and the lady was selling off all of her samples. I paid $$ for alterations and some bead work I wanted done on it, but in the end it was still WAY cheaper than if I had bought the dress from the boutique...and then I still would have needed some more beading and alterations! You should check it out. I have a friend who didn't care a lot about what dress she wore as long as she liked it overall. She found a dress on ebay for $75 and that's what she got married in!! And she looked great! That is my assvice for you, friend.

I am so excited that you're getting married because I can just spew assvice in your direction! It's gonna be great!!!!! LOL

On another note, this year has flown by and I can't believe the holidays are here already. I just started taking out my holiday decorations and putting away the "harvest" ones. I started my shopping, but the thought of all of the money I'll be spending stresses me out. Why aren't I rich?

audrey said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Daisy is hilarious!