Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attention Swappers!

Hey Ladies!

So, I ended up with twelve people signed up - and 1 unknown mystery person. Anonymous Nicole - please email me your email address so I can add you to the swap.

I'll be sending emails to each of you with your swap partner's email address so you can exchange snail mail addresses.

Also - in your emails, please include a few facts about yourself (your favorite color, candy, things you collect or like, etc) Give your new friend an idea of what you like.

And without further ado! (is that how it's spelled?)

Julie is swapping with Mrs F
Nicole P is swapping with Cece
Vanessa is swapping with Emily
Craze is swapping with Charli (non blogger)
Freckle Face Girl is swapping with Aimee (that's me!)
Carrie is swapping with Flutterbyshutter

Also - Julie made up this super cool badge...if you're interested...except that I don't know how to do html - so all I can post is the picture or send you to the my sidebar?? I'm sooo cool!

Go forth and check out your partner's blog, drop them an email, and don't forget to get your packages in the mail by February 4th! Please drop me a quick note and let me know when you mail your package and also when you receive it.

And most of all...have fun! and Happy Heart Day!


Carrie said...

Oh yay! Good thing you didn't hook Craze and Cece up, they would be exchanging booze. LOL

Vanessa said...

Thanks for organizing this, it will be so much fun! Question, who are you swapping with? It wouldn't be fun to organize the whole thing then have no one to trade with!

Mrs. F said...

I am so excited for this. Just. So. Excited. Cause really? Who doesn't LOVE getting gifts in the mail? Squeal!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds fun!

Are we on COPS again? said...

Thanks for doing this :) I have my gift almost ready to go out.

Craze said...

I suck! I wonder if my email ended up in deleted??? ACK!

Mrs. F said...

I did not have my gift in the mail by the 4th, cause I am a LOSER...but it did make its way to the post office on Monday, so hopefully there is some redemption for me. I had fun doing this, and I am reading a new blog because of it. Thanks for hosting!