Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Derby Girl!

And now!
The moment you've all been waiting for! (or not)

Yes, I tried out for roller derby last weekend.
And yes, everyone thinks I'm insane. But seriously? I've got a lot of rage, and I can skate like nobody's business!

Things I heard when I told people that I wanted to do roller derby:

1. You? You know you'll get hurt right?
2. Um, are you sure you wouldn't rather just make cupcakes?
3. That's like a sport, you know.
4. You're insane.
5. Oh, well if you're going to lose weight- then I think it's a good idea (thanks dad)

My favorite response was - let me know when I can come see you play. (this won't be for awhile, but that's what I call support!)

So, now that I'm walking again (ha!) after the trauma of it all - I can talk about it. ha! Emily and I went and tried out (completely out of character for both of us - our biggest source of competition is figuring out who saw the cute shoes first) One of the current derby girls is the step daughter of a coworker and she is just darling. She even brought me her old pads so I'd have them to use (I had to borrow a helmet from my other coworker's brother because I apparently have a big head, er, I mean hair. big hair. yeah)

So we're geared up (and looking fabulous) and we teeter out to the floor. And we skate. And skate. and OMG my legs are shaking! Can we please stop skating?! and skate....
And then we stretch. And then we do drills that include, um, skating. We squat while skating, we skate without picking up our feet, we skate and practice falling. We practice turning around. We lunge across the floor (while, skating!) We lay down and practice jumping up. We stretch. We drink water. We almost die. And then, we skate.

Over and hour and a half later, I'm barely able to walk and we get to watch the veteran girls play a short scrimmage so we can see how it works. And some of the girls go sliding across the floor on their heads because someone shoved them down and I'm thinking "holy sh*t, these skills might come in handy at work!"

Afterward, we were starving and in pain. But nothing could compare to the next day. I bet my coworkers thought I had a little too much fun over the weekend considering how I was hobbling around the office. But today, I'm almost back to normal (minor hobbling) and I'm ready to go buy my helmet and get back to it. Wish me luck!


Horrible Warning said...

Aww, you felt supported by my wanting to come see you. Actually, I sure hope I wasn't the only one who said that!

It will get easier. Go you!

Sugee Andersyn said...

Wow, go You! And no I am not copying her comment, I so totally swear I had that in my head to say and then saw hers. Not fair! So.. anyway, wow that sure took a beating! I bet you are gonna get SO ripped (incredibly physically fit)! Careful! :)

Vanessa said...

I want to play roller derby! That sounds like so much fun!

Are we on COPS again? said...

Its totally out of character for us. But I am glad we did it. The pain on Monday was too much. Like you, I am walking almost totally normally again! Woo hoo for the small things.

Carrie said...

So do we get to see you styling in your gear?

Nicole P. said...

Pictures or it didn't happen!! Someone is going to need to record one of your derbies so that us out-of-staters can watch you in your ass-kicking glory.

Julie said...

I am not such a great skater but it sounds like it would get you in shape quickly...

Can you send me pictures of you in the get up???

Audrey said...

Good luck! I totally admire you for doing this -- I would never have the guts. Go kick some derby ass!

Lindsey said...

YOU GO GIRL! That is so awesome! I am totally impressed.