Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now I Speak

Thank you for answering my last blog. It's good to see that some of you are still out there! hehe. I wanted to clarify that the questions had nothing to do with the wedding and any subsequent showers that may or not be thrown for me/us.

It was brought on by the recent rash of strange baby shower texts. First, two caveats:

1) I still go by what Emily Post says is proper - I'd rather err on the side of being too polite than not polite enough (although, if you catch me being impolite it's because I meant to, not because I didn't know better!) and

2) I like to text message - ONE ON ONE. Sending blanket text messages like, "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone in your phone lacks sincerity. And in some cases people are paying ten cents to receive your message.

That being said, I think things are changing from the days of Miss Manners, but some people may be going too far with how relaxed they are about occassions where gifts are required. (and to totally branch off - where are the thank you notes people?!)

But yeah, over the past month or so I've received an invitation to a baby shower via text message (a blanket text message to a bunch of people, because I know at least one other person who got the message). The reason for a shower is "shower" the person with gifts. It's the premise. For a wedding, a gift is not required, for a shower, it's pretty much the whole point.

So, I think we all agree 1) spring for invitations and a stamp! 2) Don't throw a "give me presents" party for yourself. A point of contention is the "who" but I think in the oldern days (ha!) an immediate family member shouldn't hold a shower because then it's your family asking for gifts. Or something like that. I think we've gotten away from that a little, and that doesn't bother me as much as the other two things. (That being said, my bridesmaids - who are not related to me- are throwing my shower and have, in fact, already bought invitations! They are so awesome)

And I know the only one shower for your first kid (unless it's been 5 years between the first and second, etc) is old school....but for me, I don't like the idea. I think people are still going to bring gifts for the new baby, it just wouldn't necessarily be a "shower" type event. In fact, I spent several hours working on a crocheted baby blanket for a second baby. I sent the gift over, but didn't go to the shower. It was a couples shower too, which I'm not a huge fan of. None of the guys want to be there, so it just feels VERY uncomfortable.

So, sorry Mark. My shower invites are pink and have wedding dresses on them. You might not want to be associated with that anyway. Love you!
(and yes, we totally discussed this before, this is no shock to him. In fact, I believe it was relief I saw wash over him when I mentioned that they bought the invites.)

And also (sheesh - won't she shutup already? and what's up with the parenthesis?) Mark was a sweetie yesterday...I was having a bad day and he sent flowers and solicited donations for the Walk to Empower for me. He's an awesome fiance and I can't wait to be his wife.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Miss Yvonne said...

I can't believe people text message shower invitations! That's crazy rude.

Julie said...

Are you having a Jack and Jill wedding shower?
Those are a lot of fun.