Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once a Bar Fly, Always a Bar Fly

Because Nicole asked so "nicely," here it is.

On Saturday night, I made plans to go out with my friend B, one of her friends, and our friend Tracy. We planned to pre-party at J's house, which really just meant that I had to pick up the obligatory bottle of Boone's Farm. Because, seriously, that's always my job.

8 Jack Daniels coolers, and 3 bottles of Boone's Farm later, I left the liquor store. Shortly after, B & T picked me up and we headed over to J's. We drank a little (ha!) I believe I may have had something around 2 coolers and one entire bottle of BF. Wooo!

Around 11, we called for a cab, and were picked up by Santa Clause (it must be what he does in the off season). The cab dropped us off at Fanny Ann's in Old Sacramento. As we were coming through the door (I was third in line with the girls) the two bartenders were yelling to get the door guy's attention, so I was all, "uh! They want you" Which was a good thing because the bartenders had recognized me and wanted to let us in free.

Good times.

So, my theory for what happened the rest of the night is - I like lots of different types of drinks. And I rarely go out. And I'd never make any of them at home. So, if I only go out like once a year, I have to order every drink I like. Right?

a pink goldshlogger infested drink, two midori sours, a white russian, and a round of bl*w j*b shots.....might explain:

-people in my group being motor-boated by a random girl in a very pink dress
-me complimenting another girl on her dress, without any concern for the fact that the dress had become a shirt over the course of the evening
-another girl helping me down the stairs (remember the stairs, Nicole?)
-47 trips to the potty
-making out with a very small dog
-eating del taco at 3 in the morning

We had so much fun!


Nicole P. said...

That sounds like a blast! Wish I was there!

You need to be my bartender. I never know what to order.

Mrs. F said...

Every good night out ends with either Del Taco or Taco Bell.

Carrie said...

You make me feel very, very old. Sigh.

Del Taco? Never heard of it.

audrey said...

Fast food tacos are definitely some of the best drunk food in existence.