Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not The Best Way to Announce an Engagement

My friend's parents live down the street from us. I don't see them often, or visit ever. However, I had to make a hasty visit on Sunday.

Mark and I went to leave the house at the same time on Sunday morning, but we were going to separate places. We locked the front door and the security screen and left.

So I thought.

Later, after taking Abby to the groomer, stopping by work to pick up a project binder that I needed to work from home, and grabbing lunch; I headed home.

When I got there - the security screen was open. I thought, "that's odd" and I was nervous about it. So I decided to try the doorknob to see if the front door was also open. AND IT WAS! I only opened it about two inches and then I RAAAAAAN down the driveway my 300 pound binder, while whispering to myself, "OMG.omg.omgomgomg."

By the time I drove the block to my friend's parents' house, I was crying. They answered the door, and the husband called the police. Then I called Mark. He was on his way home, and he said, "you know, I might have left it unlocked." Um, well I'm not going in to find hurry home.

The husband went down to meet the police (who didn't show up even 20 minutes later when Mark got home). So while we waited, I worried. And I talked to the wife. I hadn't seen her since we got engaged, so we talked wedding and oohed and aahed over my bling. It was a nice distraction.

Once we knew Mark and her husband had made it down there, we drove down to meet the boys at our house, and Mark determined that it was clear inside and that yeah, he totally just left the door unlocked. Apparently he had forgotten his work keys (he was also going to the office) and he came in frantically looking for them so he could go and hurry up and get done what he needed to do. And in his haste, he left the door unlocked. And almost gave his future bride a heart attack.


Miss Yvonne said...

Look at the bright got to show off your awesome ring.

And if your house had been broken into, at least you could have sat at the police station crying into a tissue that you would be holding IN YOUR LEFT HAND so all the policewomen and hookers waiting to get booked could totally check out your awesome bling.

Lindz said...

So ALMOST creepy! That is something that would happen to me!

P.S. I have a new blog, please update!!

Carrie said...

Adam would have totally been fired. You CAN fire them right?

Lindsey said...

I would have killed Edgar OMG. The other day I came home and the door to my "office/closet" that I thought I left open was suspiciously closed. I got the largest kitchen knife I could find while I "investigated." I mean, I guess I just closed the door...I mean, it isn't a big deal, right? But I was the freak walking around my house with a large knife. LOL

Freckle Face Girl said...

Good thing everything was fine. It is better to freak out and find out that it was over something simple. :)

audrey said...

Yikes! That would have freaked me out, too.

Also, I've definitely done the walk-around-the-house-with-a-big-kitchen-knife thing; Lindsey's not the only one.