Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess Who?! Work Edition

This morning started out with a rousing game of Guess Who?!

The email I received said, "Why would I wear black fishnets and a short denim skirt to work?"

My guesses:

1) Because you're old and they go with your platforms?


2) Because today you are broken up with your husband, and you haven't had time to do your makeup in the bathroom?

nope (darn!)

3) Oh! Because you think you make an awesome, if not overweight, Avril Lavigne?


GO ME!!!

(and yes, I work with these people!)

- Also, I managed to score 6 different people meetings with one of the higher ups because I brought it to their attention that our office does, indeed, suck big donkey wang.


Lindz said...

Wow... that could be a fun game (if you're not on the receiving end of the brutality.)

audrey said...

Were you spying on someone in my office? Because seriously, some days, some of those women make QUITE the fashion choices...

Mrs. F said...

Wow, if I tried to wear fishnets they would be so stretched out that they would just end up looking like tights with giant holes in them. I guess they are just not my "thing" though.

Why would someone send you that in an email???? WTH?

Freckle Face Girl said...

At least you get to work with interesting people even if they are bizzarro. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The late but always topical boy! said...

Can we all picture what I would look like dressed like that?

Anonymous said...

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Julie said...

Okay seriously???

I thought you worked for the state govt??

Cece said...

Things like this really make me miss the working environment.