Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am Officially....

Well, I'm not sure what you'd call it. But I'm kind of tickled by the fact that I have decided to enter the strawberry jam contest at the county fair. I sent in my registration yesterday - which means I will be making jam early next month so I can send it in mid May. heeee.

Yesterday I got back into the wedding planning. I've been slacking for a week or two because of this awful head cold. But now I'm feeling better, and frankly, work sucks, so I spent some time yesterday sending emails and checking on a few things. I was talking with one of the photographers yesterday - our mission now is to find photos that we really like to send to her so she can show us samples of similar things that she's done.

Next week we meet with the person we want to perform the ceremony, the caterer, and one more photographer. So we will be back in full swing.

Let's see, what else? Oh, Daisy got in trouble at the dog park on Monday. She had been playing really nice with all the dogs - it was a particularly mellow day at the park. But then, she decided she wanted to wrestle with this big german sheperd. And he decided he did NOT want to wrestle with Daisy. But she wouldn't get out of his face. Like, "hey! play with me! Hey! You! Hi!" and I'm chasing her around trying to make her stop - while the other dog's owner has a hold of him. Finally I caught her and I made her leave. I admonished her with, "if you can't listen and behave, then you can't stay and play" Of course, all I got in response was a giant doggy grin. She passed out almost immediately in the backseat of the car anyway, the little turd.

I'm sure by now, Today, she's already living it up at daycare.

In other news, I'm looking for a new job. I have a couple leads and a few apps out. Keep your fingers crossed for me, wontcha?


Lindz said...

Fingers crossed!!!!

Miss Yvonne said...

Good luck on the job search!

Don't you just love doggie grins? They are the best. Oh man, I really want a dog.

Carrie said...

jam? Do you live in Oklahoma? LOL

As for kids, they are a pain in the arse aren't they. They get in trouble and then suck up. How are you supposed to respond to that? LOL

Julie said...

oooh I hope you find a new and improved job.

Have you told us when you're getting married?? Did I miss it?
I don't remember you setting a date :)

Anonymous said...

yummy! jam! you're so crafty!!


Mrs. F said...

Good luck on the job search!

Mmmmm, homemade jam. Good luck in the contest, too!