Friday, May 8, 2009

Aimee and the No Good Awful Bad Day

Yesterday was a super awful bad day. It was the most awful of a series of extraordinarily full and not that fun days.

Yesterday I started the morning by dropping a bowl full of dog food into the dog's ceramic water dish. Not only did I chip the dish, but I sent dog food into four neighboring counties. After that, I spent over an hour at the dentist getting "attachments" for my invisalign. (basically little dots of toothcolor filling that coincide with raised spaces on the invisalign - it forces the teeth up and down). It was a crappy appointment - very uncomfortable.

The day wasn't awful, other than I could NOT sit at my desk for more than say 5 minutes. I got to work, sat down for a minute to check my email, went to a meeting, went to a luncheon, went to training, sat at my desk for 5 minutes to check email...Then went home.

Over the course of the day I managed to spill water down the front of my shirt, and then drop all of my handouts for a training onto the floor and my makeup bag into the sink of running water. ::Sigh::

I got home and was particularly uncoordinated. I spilled things, tripped, and knocked things down. I ended the day by stepping bare footed into a plate of canned cat food. I washed my foot and cried. Mark gave me a kleenex. hehe.

Thank goodness yesterday is OVER!

In other news, I have gone to the vet 4 times in the last 5 days. I know! First, Salem has his urinary tract problem (he develops crystals in his urine that are too large to pass - which backs him up, which is VERY BAD.) So he spent a day and a half in the hospital getting IV fluids and meds. Now he's home with pills that he takes twice a day, and a new prescription diet which costs more and is kind of a pain because i have 3 other cats who eat the food he isn't supposed to have. Thank goodness Mark is on vacation this week - he's been giving Salem his pills in the morning.

Then on Monday, we took Daisy to the vet because her toe was swollen and purple and had some blisters on it. Turns out she was bit by either a small nake or a spider. We're guessing spider since we don't have snakes and I haven't seen her playing with one (I'm sure she would if she found one!). But now she's on pills twice a day and we have to soak her foot in warm water to get the swelling down. Thankfully she loves baths, so Mark just puts her in the tub. We put a little kid sock on her too so she'd stop licking it. hehe.

She's been pretty lethargic, so I was worried about her. I think she was just feeling lazy though - and maybe her meds are making her kind of drowsy. But I made the decision to go ahead and let her go to daycare on Thursday to get some exercise. I made sure they knew that she had an owie and that if something happened to give Mark a call since he'd home all day.

He got a call at 2:45. Daisy had opened up the sore on her foot and was bleeding. They didn't want to put liquid bandage on it in case it needed to drain some of the ick out of it. She had been zipping around the yard playing in the pool when she reopened the sore. And apparently she'd been playing with a white dog - who needed a bath after that. oops!

The other visits to the vet were to pick up food and meds and what not. ::sigh::

The highlight of the week was Mark's softball game on Tuesday. It was AWESOME! They kicked ASS and Mark played like a rockstar. He was all proud when I was reenacting all his fabulous catches and slides for my mom. hehe.

Keep your fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy and that today is a better day!


heidikins said...

Ah chica, I certainly hope things start turning up for you, and the menagerie! Goodness!!


Lindz said...

You forgot the "terrible" part in your headline :)

Ugh I feel you though. I swear due to my job I am bout to have an anxiety attack right here right now. One more class to teach...

Mrs. F said...

Awww, that does sound like a terrible, no good, horrible day.

Still LOLing about sending dog food to four counties. Hehehe. I was wondering how that dog chow got in my hair.

Mrs. F said...

Oh hey. Whuddup with the new approval process? Were you being spamified?

Carrie said...

Happy Mother's Day Aimee. It really is hard being a parent of animals. I hope they get you something you enjoy.

Miss Yvonne said...

Wow, that is a sucky day. Hope tomorrow is better!

Julie said...

oh man!
You sound like me with all the vet visits!!!

How's Daisy's paw?

Lindsey said...

awww..I hate it when animals are sick, and lethargic. That sock is super cute..can't believe he is letting you leave it on there though!

Vanessa said...

Sounds like you got all the bad stuff out of the way for the entire year! You're great at putting the positive spin on it too.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I hate those kinds of days. It makes you extra happy to get in bed at the end. :)