Friday, April 24, 2009

Aimee Through The Ages

I know Fridays are the days that we go to work and try to avoid working...or is that just me?

I was going back in time to check out old websites - one was a website I set up for Clyde and Salem back in 2004/2005...which reminded me that I have moved around a lot. So, if you're bored, you should go back in time with me - and definitely check out the photos - there is a crazy sequined pants one on the cat's website. hehe.

clyde and salem's page - with sparkly purple pants

My first webpage

My first online journal

My first blog

Have a great weekend!


Julie said...

I love that I can say:

"I knee you when you were @ 30 & Flirty!!"


Carrie said...

You do move around a bit. Do you have a problem with staying in one place for long? LOL

Freckle Face Girl said...

You only try to avoid work on Fridays? It seems like that is what I do best. :)