Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dog Park Drama

On Saturday, we attempted to take Daisy and Meatie for a walk around the park. You know, so we could also get exercise. Unfortunately though, with all the stopping and starting and tripping and squirrel chasing - we got more annoyed than exercised.

So we decided to leave after doing just one mile - and hit the dog park on our way home.

We were suprised by how well Meatie did. Daisy is Miss Social and likes to check out everyone and run around a lot and get things going. She's super nosey and always wants to know what's going on when there is something going on. She's not shy.

Meatie, on the other hand, is a baby baby mama's boy. He whines a little and he hides a lot. He sticks close. And if he does get brave enough to run off; he always looks back to make sure we are we he left us. He had also developed a bit of a limp in his front legs; which we blame on growing pains. However, on Saturday - his limp was gone and he was being very social. It probably helps that he's as big as Daisy now (55 pounds!) (and still growing! ack!)

So Daisy was boxing and playing and running with another dog, Bo. And then another dog joined in, and then Meatie did too - and they ran and they jumped and they played.

Until Meatie got rolled and stepped on - and he FREAKED THE F OUT! He was YELPING so loudly I thought he'd like lost a limb or something. And the other dogs ran off like, "OMG please make that noise stop!" and the other owners all stopped and stared. We ran over to him; expecting to see a dislocated shoulder or something - (he was holding his foot up, so I should have known better) - but he seemed fine. I was petting his face (he was still yelping for like 30 more seconds!) and Mark was poking and prodding to see if he had a tender spot.

But, fortunately he was mostly just startled.

He was up, not limping, and ready to play again within minutes.

I'm very thankful not only that the experience didn't break his spirit - but also that it didn't break the bank by requiring a vet visit. whew!


Drea said...

g;ad to hear Meatie is ok. I would've been freaking out. I can't stand to hear my puppy yelp.

Julie said...

Oh boy.
Meatie sounds like a character!