Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I think I'm finally winding down. yeah - it's 10:45. Speaking of which, I'm watching Chelsea Lately's big interview special. I'm feeling weird about the fact that Bradley Cooper is wearing an ill-fitting shirt and is sweating profusely. And somehow his face looks pointier. Maybe it's my new glasses.

Anyway - It's been a crazy week. I have spent most of my week running around like a crazy person. I am lucky in that my boss trusts me to get things done and to get them done well. However, this greatly increases my workload. And unfortunately, I can't delegate most of it because it's like finishing up projects that I've been privy to for months. That, and keeping up with assigning other tasks and making sure things are completed - it's just a huge transition.

I left the office early today so I could go get my cute new glasses (yeah!). I spent about an hour enjoying being at home (read: straightening up) and then I left to help my mom finish a job. My mom owns her own cleaning business and does cleaning of empty houses/apartments for property management companies. She had two big jobs today and it was only her - so I helped. :) (thankfully I didn't break a nail. I'm not usually big on manual labor. just sayin')

Then I got home and had to eat dinner and feed the pets and and and etc etc etc. I finally sat down at 10 to go over my work email - I made a "to do" list. (1/2 my to dos and 1/2 "check and make sure someone else did" list) The list is three pages long (so far).

I'm down to 65 emails. YEAH! Now there are two loads of laundry waiting for me to fold them and a nice warm shower. I'm really looking forward to crossing all these items off the list. I'm really really looking forward to wearing jeans to work, since it's technically our friday.

And I'm ESPECIALLY EXCITED that in less than 48 hours I'll be hanging out in San Francisco with my pal Julie! (and hopefully Mrs. F) Oh? did I fail to mention this earlier? It will be the first time we've met, and I'm uber looking forward to it. I'll take lots of pictures. I promise.


Julie said...

We totally had a ton of fun! And took lots of pictures.

I havent posted them either.
Don't worry!

Lindsey said...

Yeah, Manual Labor and I are not the best of friends either. We are way too high maintenance! :-)