Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Friendly Neighborhood Store?

Years ago when I had roommates - I had one that smoked. She only smoked outside, and it wasn't a big deal.

Except that it was obvious to our neighbors that she smoked. and if she smoked, that meant that there were cigarettes in our house.

So the fourteen year old son would come over and say, "my mom wants to know if she you have a cigarette she can have." Being that 1) I don't smoke and 2) I can smell bull from a mile away - I did not give him a cigarette.

Over the years the requests have been more frequent and less interesting. And to clarify - we do not live in the 50s where all the neighbors borrow cups of sugar and bring over casseroles when someone is sick. Instead I paint this picture: I've had to call the city twice to remove the abandoned shopping carts.


Things my neighbors have asked to borrow from someone living in my house:

an air mattress (my roommate never asked for it back and we never saw it again)
a pump for the air mattress (she may have gotten this back)
cigarettes (uh, I think not)
dog food (in a baggy - I can't deny the puppies)
three tupperware containers of ice over a two day period
and today: 3 eggs (also in a baggie - I'm secretly hoping she sends over cake...but suspect that somehow eggs are being used to cook up meth in their garage)

In other news: I started Weight Watcher's last week and I lost FIVE (5!) pounds this week! yeah!


Brahmin in Boston said...

Wow... I find smokers the rudest people around. If they can sit in a bubble and smoke all day then I am fine with it. But they are polluting the air around them which WILL reach us - even if we want it or not. Ugh!

Haha! I am lucky like that coz we have very nice neighbors in our apt. But believe me when I say that you haven't seen the worst of the neighbors! (and I hope you don't)

B. Good said...

Hey! I started WW again last week too, and I lost 4 lbs. Awesome!

But you know, I never thought to ask my neighbors to borrow anything. Actually, I try not to ask ANYONE to borrow something, and only family as a last resort. Thankfully, my neighbors return the favor, and don't bother me for anything.

Anyways...congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up!

Julie said...

Can you use eggs to cook meth?

What? It's a legitimate question!