Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roll Call

It's time to make yourself known. Who is still out there?

I feel like I've been out of touch for too long. Especially after I checked in with Rhi and saw that she's planning her wedding to "the boy" that I remember her going on her first date with. And after I heard through someone else that Erin is expecting twins!!

So congrats to you both!!

Can I just say that everything I know about my blog friends I learned on Facebook? Facebook is ruining the face of blogging. It's too easy to twitter or facebook a one-liner. Who knew we'd see the day when we thought blogging was a more personal way to keep in touch? hehe.

As such, every post ends up being an "update" of what's been going on. After a rocky start to 2010, I think things are getting much much better.

The puppies have made life a little more crazy. We added Meatloaf to the mix and he was pretty well behaved when he was tiny. Now he's Daisy-sized and he's LOUD. He likes barking. He also thinks "sit" means "speak." Which is actually just darling. Much cuter than how he thinks "high-five" means "bite the hell out of my arm."

Work is work. Nuff said.

Mark hurt his back pretty bad, which left me bowling alone (and badly). But, thankfully, he'll be back next week. whew! And he's going to be starting softball again next week. That will be nice - except that the weather isn't nice yet; so I have to prepare for cold nights. (some of the games start at 9:30!)

Other than that - it's all wedding, all the time. haha.

I'm really down to just finding one vendor. The DJ. We have a meeting with some people next month that I'm hoping will fit the bill perfectly. I'm very happy with the line-up we've arranged for this shindig. Everyone really fits in with our personalities and the feel we want for the day. Today I met with my fabulous florist to get things squared away. She came up with some pretty ideas; you can see them here.
I finished putting the ribbons/charms on the bubbles. Of course, I figured out that the basket I bought is too big for them (grrrrr).
I also did some mockups of the programs - which one do you like better? Mark is leaning towards the one that folds up. I'm indecisive. You know this.
Next on my list? deciding on invite wording and starting to print the invites. woot!


Tamsyn said...

Still here and definitely looking forward to more wedding updates!

Nicole P. said...

The ease of Facebook definitely led to the demise of my blog. I just didn't seem to have the time to sit down and write detailed entries - and same as you everything was updates of what went on between my sporadic posts.

Thank god all my blog friends are Facebook friends as well!

P.S. word verification is turdsail. ha!

Erin said...

I'm still hear! And thanks for the congrats. :)

Monique said...

Hey my fabulous bride-client! I loved meeting you yesterday and what fun your wedding is going to be :). Okay, the pooches are pretty dang cute :)...

Love the damask ribbon. That would look awesome on the handle of your bouquet.

Hmmm...the programs. The fold up ones are sweet, but the rectangular one will move more air if it is hot. Both LOOK great, so you can't go wrong.


alyndabear said...

Am still here! Even with Facebook. That's dedication. :D

I hope Mark's back is better soon. Poor guy! The pups are beautiful, I heart your little family!

Julie said...

I'm still here...or well i'm back.


Lindsey said...

I JUST found out tonight that Erin's pregnant! Oh, and Dennis and Laurel broke up. I can't keep up with everyone! Maybe I should go back to blogging. I'm thinking about it...but then, I've been thinking about it for, like, a year. HA!

I had bubble blower thingies just like yours, but with bright pink and orange ribbon! Love em!

As for the programs...I'm torn...I'm really indecisive too LOL! I like the idea of the fold up better, but I really like the ribbon and prettiness of the other. Does that make sense? So, either is awesome!

Amberdawn said...

I like the one that folds up too. I'm thinking of making that style for my wedding :)I just think it looks sturdier (and more functional) than the paddle type.