Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally Feeling Accomplished

I can't shut off my brain. I feel like I need to be doing more; but there's too many things to do that I haven't been able to pinpoint anything.

I think it's been a week that I've been telling myself, "you need to make a list." And I LOVE lists. But I still couldn't manage to even put that together.

So, this weekend, I finally sat down and just did one thing from my list. I had made table numbers for the wedding a few months back - but I didn't think about the fact that they needed to be double sided. (00ps!) So I busted out my paper trimmer, printed table numbers, printed paper, and textured black paper. They all turned out PERFECTLY (yeah!!) I did one for the sweetheart table. and then 1-8 and 10 & 11 for the ten tables (no table nine!)

It's sad, but I felt SO MUCH BETTER just because I got that one small thing done. And Mark spray painted the little for the flower girl basket. So now I can start putting the flowers and ribbons on that.

This weekend we get to see our little flower girl - and give her the dress I bought. It's just darling - I'm very excited. Saturday is her 7th birthday. :)

In other news - something I never thought I'd say....I LOVE Kate Gosselin's hair. The do she had when she got kicked off DWTS is just darling! you know, except for it being fake. lol


We took the puppies to the river - it was Meatie's first time out there and Daisy hadn't been since last summer. Meatie did really good and didn't poop out too quickly. And they both played in the river.

Meatie's on the last of his pills for a staph infect/allergies. I'm hoping that will fix all his itchy issues so we can shave him and be cool for the summer. Poor guy.

Sorry I don't have anything more exciting. Or photos for that matter. I'll really have to start working harder on that. :)


Anonymous said...

Why is there no table #9?? Do you hate nines or is there some sort of "leave the nine out" tradition I don't know about?

Amberdawn said...

I was going to ask the same question about table 9! You've made us curious, do tell!