Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Product Review - Online Eyeglasses from GlassesUSA

I have toyed with the idea of doing product reviews on my blog because 1) I like getting a recommendation from someone about a product that works and 2) I have an OPINION. I do.

So I'll probably introduce this feature once a week or so. (any excuse to buy new products!)

For my initial review - I'm going to start with something I've desperately needed, and yet, hadn't really attended to. Eyeglasses. If you're like me, you put off going to the optomotrist because it's like a trip to Costco. You can't leave without spending several hundred dollars.

But, I was prompted to go when I got an email from GlassesUSA offering me a free pair of prescription glasses in exchange for a review on my blog. So, I went to the dr. and got my updated prescription. I sent it over the same day along with my selection of glasses from their website - and within 2 weeks they arrived at my door! ADORABLE! And PINK! With rhinestones!

I was very impressed with the style, the promptness, and the customer service. I was also impressed with the company's "recycling" program. GlassesUSA does not restock returned glasses - they donate all of their returned eyeglasses to various organization around the US who then sanitize and redistriubte with the correct prescription to people all over the world who can't afford vision care. As they say, seeing properly shouldn't be a luxury - it should be a necessity!

I was seriously excited about the selection Once I received the glasses - I thought I could have done a better job at picking the style. Which is totally my error because I had noticed on the website that the lenses looked larger than what I'm used to - but I couldn't get past the shiny pink/rhinestone. So I ended up with a "nerdy" look - which is okay - because it fits my personality. And the perscription was perfect. And the prices are phenomenal. The glasses I bought through my optomotrist would have cost me over $300 without insurance - with insurance they cost $104. However, a similar pair through glasses usa would have cost around $50! I never would have considered buying glasses online before - but I'm definitely going to be going through them again. At these prices, I can afford an entire glasses wardrobe. And lord knows I love me some accessories!

For those of you in the market - GlassesUSA is offering a discount to my readers. Just use the code Mommy5 to receive 5% off your final order!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of precription eyeglasses for this review. No other compensation was received and the opinions in this post are solely mine.

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Lindsey said...

My perfect eyes do not have the energy to even read this post! (i.e. I totally want cute pink rhinestone glasses!!! SO JEALOUS) But as I was saying, NO TIME FOR THIS NONSENSE!

Actually, I haven't been to the eye doctor in years and I should probably go since I'm aging now. LOL