Friday, June 29, 2007

What's the Name of This Game?

We win!

Last night was softball. Mark's team was playing a double header. Now, let me just say (Mark, cover your eyes), they are not good. Sometimes watching them is like watching a comedy of errors. And other times I want to run out there (as a non-athletic, non-softball playing girl) and start catching balls, because seriously guys, all it taks is two steps forward and you could CATCH THE BALL BEFORE IT BOUNCES! (Mark is not one of these guys, btw)

(oh yeah, Mark, you can keep reading now).

So, while I'm watching the first game, a few guys from the team that they will be playing in the second game, are sitting near me and drinking. I ended up talking to them and told them that the next game should be fun because apparently that team hasn't been winning I told them that they would probably be pretty evenly matched.

Of course, within about 10 minutes Mark's team is ROCKIN! They are playing SO GOOD! They are catching and getting double plays and hitting great. They are scoring runs and everything. And I'm in awe. They were really doing awesome.

The won that game 13 to 11. (exciting game!)

So, then it was time to play the other team. And it was just sad. Mark's team was still playing good - and the other team was still playing notsogood. And it ended up being like 22 to 1 or something stupid. Poor guys. But, if they wanted to play competitively, they might have not wanted to drink for a full hour in between games. LOL

So now, we're in a 2 game winning streak! WOOT! hehe.

Not that I saw much of that second game. Mark's friend's wife showed up about 10-15 minutes into the second game and we sat and gabbed the ENTIRE GAME.


Mark went to see his grandma yesterday, but he didn't see her because she was sleeping and he didn't want to disturb her. Apparently, she's finally getting some much needed rest because Mark's cousin went by a couple hours later and she was still snoozing.


Julie said...

WOOHOO for the Team!

Tim's softball team is awful too.
He's their best player. And believe me I am not just saying that.


reformattingmybrain said...

Watching softball can be quite entertaining sometimes. I got there late for the last game and one of the guys' significant other said... It's bad.... No I'm mean REALLY bad.

L Sass said...

I used to be a spectator / cheerleader for AS's team...

but it was SKEE ball!

Aimee said...

laurel - um, I just choked. Are you kidding me? A skee ball team? LOL

Carrie said...

I wish Adam would play softball. I can't play any sports. I suck.

I'm glad his grandmother was getting some rest.

innocent witness to senseless blogging said...


alyndabear said...

Woohoo Mark & teammates! Excellent news!

I'm glad to hear nan is getting some rest. It works wonders!

Lindsey said...

Go Mark!!! Woooooot