Monday, July 2, 2007

Updates & A Movie Review (sort of)


Mark's grandma is still in the hospital. And the results of the tests she had last week indicate that she has mono and NOT cancer. Uh, you think they would be a little more careful about telling people they have cancer, or you know, something else. GRR.


I was going to give you an update on Chance, but you didn't know he had an owie yet. So it's not really an update. But whatever. Yesterday, Chance was walking to his bed and he made a loud OUCH! sound and then was limping. He apparently hurt is leg/foot. Mark and I both checked his foot to make sure he didn't step on something and then poked around on his leg to see if we could find a sore spot. But, we found nothing.

After a full night of sleep (and not walking around on his injury - which he INSISTED on doing for HOURS before bed), his leg seems better and he's not limping much at all. Yeah!!


Also, I left early on Friday to get a TB test for my new job. It was owie! I have to go in again today so they can look at the spot where the injected whatever they injected and tell me that I do not have TB. I'm guessing that's what they will tell me since my arm didn't fall off. Yeah!


Okay, so for my movie review. If you like to cry (GRRR) you will love The Guardian! Okay, to be fair...I really liked this movie. I was thinking, Wow! This would be a great date movie. It has the action stuff for the boys and the shmooshie love stuff for girls. But then, the crying. I'm not a good movie watcher in general. I tend to cry over the littlest things. I wasn't expecting this one to make me cry though. (hell, I wasn't expecting to like it). But now, Mark is in trouble because he had seen it and he KNEW it would make me cry. GRRR.

But, it was really good. Seriously. Put it on your netflix (or watch it on demand on starz). Just make sure you have kleenex (and waterproof mascara).


Carrie said...

Poor Chance.

I'm glad she doesn't have cancer.

It is weird how you give orders and I follow them. I put on in my queue.

L Sass said...

All I can think about when it comes to mono is the Sweet Valley High book where they refer to it as the kissing disease. Who has Mark's grandma been kissing?

I'm glad they figured out what's REALLY wrong with her, though. Good job, doctors.

Aimee said...

Carrie - please continue to follow my orders. You're the only one who listens to me. :)

Laurel - seriously! The first thing I said was, "Has grandma been kissing any teenage boys?!" lol

Kevin Costner said...

I really didn't think my performance was that convincing. I wouldn't have cried when I died. I committed suicide to save Kelso. What the crap lady!

heidikins said...

Good to hear it's only mono!

I so almost watched The Guardian last night too! Now must watch and report.


Julie said...

Bailey sometimes limps like that after "over extending" herself at the dog park. But she always bounces back after some rest.

Glad he's okay!
How old is he BTW?

Julie said...

Since when do Mono and Cancer have the same symptoms??

And whos gma been kissing?
Joking joking

Aimee said...

Heidi - Totally, let me know what you think.

Julie - he's about 9? ish?

Cece said...

I'm glad his grandma is going to be ok!

Um, who's Chance?

Hope your arm doesn't fall off! lol

I've got The Guardian on my Netflix, too. I'm going to move it to the top of my list. I'm a cyrer, too. Oy. Mister and the kids will all turn and look at me when sad scenes come on. They say Is Mom crying yet? lol

alyndabear said...

Poor grandma - mono is a pain to get over, but much much more positive than cancer. Very unprofessional.

Poor Chance. Was it his dew claw maybe? My Rusty once tore his while walking, and you should've hurt the noise he made. Poor little dude. Glad he's less ouchy now.

Needles, blech. Do people still GET TB? I always thought that disease was like, wiped out or something.

The Guardian - is that the Nicholas Sparks one? I've read the book (and bawled) .. I didn't know it was a movie!

Aimee said...

Um, Kevin - you totally ruined the movie for everyone now. I must delete you. :P

Aly - The TB is because I may be going into prisons in my new job. In CA (not sure if it's everywhere) you have to have TB clearance for working with prisons (and I imagine going to prison. lol), health care jobs, and sometimes school. Also, the Guardian is not based on the Nicholas Sparks book.

Marianne said...

Awww... my smooshy faces for Chance. I hope his foot is better. And lots of hugs and prayers to you and Mark.

(You're so right ... TB tests suck.)