Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cranium Takes a Tragic Turn

Last night, Mark and I had another couple (B & K) over for dinner. We made tacos, beans, rice, homemade chips, Mark's fresh homemade guacamole, etc etc. Dinner was scrumdillyumpsious. (yes, that's totally a word).

And everything was calm.

And surprisingly normal.

And then there was Cranium.

While we waited for B's dessert to cook (peanut butter chip chocolate brownies), we played Cranium. And we found out why we should never play boys against girls. Or why, perhaps, boys never play board games with each other unless their girlfriends make them. (Unless it's monopoly, which is it's own animal).

Everything was going fine, (and clean!) until K had to do a charade number. He began sashaying across the living room shaking his butt and holding a candle holder like a martini glass. And the girls are laughing and Mark is like, "WTF?"

So, K tries another approach. He points at his crotch.

Um, "penis?"

Then he puts his hand on his rump and pulls it back like he has a ...



Points at his chest and slides his hands down his front.


Cocktail dress.



For the Love... said...

OMG...that is how Rob and I play Taboo! You should have seen my clue for Cockatoo!!!!!!(sp?)

L Sass said...

That is some brilliant charades-ing right there! I'm not sure I'd have the presence of mind to break it down like that.

Also, I have no cock.

Julie said...

Oh my god that is brilliant!

I am previewing the new Cranium Wow game at my apt on Saturday night, I hope it's as fun as the old one!

The Victors! said...

She forgot to mention that the boys one.

tiffany said...

i swear to holy jebus, my dad once made his friend guess 'cocktail dress' with the exact same clues...we always play oys against girls, too.

too funny.

audrey said...

That is so awesome. Many of our drunken nights of Catch Phrase have taken similar turns, and I have never laughed harder.

B. Good said...

THAT was great. I felt like I was there, lol. But the image of him shaking his "tail" while drinking a martini had me cryin'!!!

slinger said...

Hahahaha, that was hilarious!

Lindsey said...

LMAO! I LOVE Cranium, but you are so gets intense when it's boys vs. girls. I like to play couple against couple too!