Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

So, after a whirlwind week of softball, bowling, baking and shopping; I spent this weekend being equally busy. I'm so not complaining - I love being busy, but my allergies are kicking my butt and I can't tell if I have just allergies or a cold on top of it. So I'm just whining (a little).

Mark and I had lots of stuff planned for Easter Sunday, so I had to get all the chores done on Saturday. I made a list and Mark and I tackled it and we did pretty darn good. Included on this list was washing my car (it looked really good for almost 24 hours) and making 40,000 cupcakes (or so).

First, I assembled my supplies...

and like magic - I created these!

up close


I gathered up the cupcakes and we headed for a family picnic (Mark's family)

The whole family gets together on a piece of property owned by a family friend...and we have a potluck picnic. Someone also sets up horseshoes and they do an egg hunt for the little kids.

It looks something like this

After the picnic, Mark and I headed to his mom and stepdad's for dinner. And I was ready for a serious nap.

I like to call this one - AFTER

Stay tuned tomorrow where I will tell you all about project Find a Church Part II.

And also - a gratuitous photo of Golem because as Mark says, "she so cute" (and also, because she's not a snake beast, Nicole)


Nicole P. said...

Why ruin a perfectly good post with a picture of the monster?!

Happy Easter. Those cupcakes look awesome.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. The cupcakes look delish!

L Sass said...

Now, I am NOT a fan of Peeps... but I think those cupcakes are delicious looking!!!

flutterbyshutter said...

she is a snake beast! she is! :P and excuse me Miss, did you say project Find a Church Part II? did you try a church without me? :( oh, and my word verification is king vapu...i totally think that's what they should call Darth Vader's twin brother :P

B. Good said...

The cupcakes look amazing! Quite a professional job. They also look like they'd make my tummy and teef hurt, lol.

We love the animal pics over here!

Lindz said...

OMG, I almost had a heart attack because I thought that was a freakin snake. Whew! Glad you got to enjoy all of the Easter festivities!

Julie said...

The cupcakes look awesome...

Except for the big ugly gross peeps on top.


Carrie said...

Man. You make me feel guilty I was drunk on the strip in sin city while everyone else was celebrating easer. gulp!

Sugee Andersyn said...

Ahhh those cupcakes are the BOMB! They look so delish and are SO cute and creative omg I want them! You made the coconut all cool and cut the bunnies heads off and made all kinds of fun stuff and colorful things... *sigh* those cupcakes make me happy. Man I can't wait to bake this holiday season!!