Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Love Love

Inspired by the lovely Janet...I present to you the Love/Hate (but really all just Love) Tuesday.

Love - finally finishing one of the three books I started this month.

Love - playing tennis with my new Hope racquet and pink tennis balls

Love - those "real men of genious" beer commercials

Love - wearing a sweatshirt in the morning and being able to enjoy a walk in the afternoon without sweating to death

Love - waking up before the alarm clock and having 10 extra minutes to snuggle my honey

Love - being the only one in the office (OMG I can get stuff done - you know, like finally blogging)

Love - So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight

Love - work hasn't made me cry in well over a month (yeah!)

What are you loving?


Mrs. F said...

I am loving the prospect of moving out of this house and into a dreamier house.

Also loving that I work outside the house sometimes.

Loving this sugar free rockstar.

Unsmuggled honey said...

Where was I during this Honey Smuggling?

Lindz said...

GREAT idea, I shall copy this tomorrow.

Carrie said...

I Love coming home from work and taking off my bra. TMI?

L Sass said...

I am loving barely caring about my job and dedicating all of my time to planning my move!

reformattingmybrain said...

OOOH You got the Hope racket!!! I'm so jealous!!! I've been drooling over it every time I see it. So I guess I'm not loving that.... cuz I'm jealous and all. hehe At this exact moment I'm loving the cooler weather because our house was SO hot today!