Thursday, March 19, 2009

ThursDaisy. Sort of.

Daisy is having so much fun going to the dog park with us. And I'm getting a little more confident in my ability to take her by myself. It's funny because at home, she's bad a lot. Well, not a lot. Just when she's not sleeping. In fact, she was exhausted last week after having gone to the dog park 3 days in a row and having daycare....and so I felt comfortable leaving her in a room alone (she was sound asleep!) But it didn't take two minutes of me being out of sight for her to eat my favorite pair of sunglasses. Sigh.

BUT, at the dog park, she's such a sweetie. We really did luck out in getting a "good dog." Most of the time she's running with another dog or she's standing by herself trying to figure out which group of dogs to play with. Sometimes she's splashing in the little pools or licking the face of a tiny child. I don't have to worry about her much.

Her only problem. Well, two problems. Is 1) it's sometimes hard to get her to leave and 2) She's hella nosey. Dogs are growling? She's going over to see what's going on. Everyone's looking at something? OMG, she has to know what it is. The only reason why this is an issue is she gets a little too close to aggression sometimes, and I don't want her to get hurt or to appear to have been involved.

But she's trying new things and getting more confident in meeting other dogs. She even played with a frisbee the other day. Two dogs were playing tug o war with it - and she came up and bit it right in the middle so it was a three-way tug o war, which was pretty darn cute.

Yesterday she played with her friend, Malakai, and a big black lab. They had a lot of fun rough housing and jumping into the pools. We were there for over an hour, and thankfully I brought a cookie to get her to come to me to leave....especially since she kept putting herself in the middle of these three dogs that were playing pretty rough. (Malakai was right there with her though, so all four of us left).

So, due to the fact that Daisy was not pretty yesterday, attributed mostly to the slobber of two black dogs and a shove into the dirt to seal the deal, how about a substitute?

Daisy's brother Jack Jack, pictured with a daisy?


Miss Yvonne said...

Jack Jack doesn't look too happy. But then, it doesn't take much to piss off a cat, does it.

Carrie said...

Jack looks like my bobo.

And in reading this it reminds me of being a kid and my mom fighting me to get out of the pool. "Just 5 more minutes!!!" LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm totally new to this blog but I'm assuming Daisy is a dog. If her, I'm assuming Daisy is a she. I just realized, I assume too much. Wow, I'm such an ass. Anyway, what kind of dog is Daisy? I'm just wondering because Daisy's brother looks like a cat. :)