Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can We Get Married Tomorrow?!

For those of you who are out there thinking, "OMG woman, seriously. You have 18 months till your wedding, spare us the details!" you might want to step away from the blog. And maybe come back in for the last couple paragraphs - unless you hate puppies too (in which case, what is wrong with you?!).

As you know, there will (eventually) be a much anticipated wedding next year. October of next year to be precise. Last time I updated we had reserved the church and the reception location and were talking to photographers. And we had decided on a noon wedding.

On Monday, we talked to the caterer. From that conversation we decided to move the wedding to 3 p.m. so that the owner of the catering company would be available for the wedding (his restaurant is open that day and he'll need to be there during the day). This is also good because 1) the lighting will be so much better at 3 than noon for photographs; 2) I can actually light the candles that I'm putting in those pretty pretty votive holders I bought off craigslist; and 3) we can plan more of a dinner than a lunner. Which was too confusing.

I was able to switch the time with the church with no problems and I'm just waiting to hear back from the photographer that we decided to go with to make sure that a 3 p.m. wedding works for her - and then we'll book her too! YEAH!!!

Our meeting with the caterer went so well, and both Mark and I were thrilled with everything he had to say. He's very reasonable and he's just the nicest guy ever. His staff will handle all the set up and rentals (linens mostly since the location comes with tables and chairs). They will pass hors devours, serve a fabulous meal, bartend, and cut and serve the cake.

Mark and I had pretty much decided on a feel for the wedding, which was that we would be surrounded by people who love us and are genuinely happy for us. I wasn't sure how vendors were going to fit into that - but so far, we've found the nicest and most accommodating vendors possible. I can't wait!

Out of curiosity, for those of you who are married - what things did you do or not do that you wished you would have done differently for your wedding? Any tips for a beginner? hehe.


I hear something funny from one of the daycare moms at Daisy's daycare. She said, "You know, it was so hot today, so I tried to get Daisy in the pool - but she would only put her front feet in." Um....Yeah, Daisy is a pool lovin' fool! So she must have been feeling kind of contrary that day. She was pretty tired, apparently, since the owner of the daycare said she should pay me for the day since Daisy wore her dog out so bad he was passed out on his back with all four feet in the air. (hee!)

We took her to the dog park last night, where she played with a cute young yellow lab named Carmen. They played and ran and jumped in the pool. She also got to play with Malakai - which really just gets her in trouble. She will find someone to play rough with and Malakai will come along and want to join in - but he's really vocal and kind of rough - so it looks more like they are ganging up on the dog. We had a couple incidents that required us to grab her and sit her down for a time out, but otherwise, all was good. And she did, in fact, play in the pool, the little turd.


Jessica said...

Thank god I'm not the only one planning more than 9 months in advance!
Who is your caterer? I haven't met with any, I'm finding that part to be too intimidating.

Lindz said...

Puppy time out! Lol. As for the wedding planning, something I refused to do the first time (because I straight did not want to) and stress about eventually doing for my real wedding. You are so on the ball. I can only imagine that getting all of this out of the way now means that you'll have that much less stress when the wedding approaches.

audrey said...

The only thing I wish I would have done differently at my wedding was drink more water during the day. I was so terrified of having to have someone help me hold my dress up while I peed (I'm a very private person when it comes to potty stuff) that I didn't drink enough, and then I came so close to passing out during the post-ceremony pictures under the hot sun that I had to be helped to a chair and brought a glass of water. But, on the bright side, I never did have to go through the get-help-peeing trauma!

As far as finding vendors goes, it seems like you're going about it in exactly the right way. Your wedding's going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

You're on the ball!

My only advice: Don't invite anyone who will get arrested after getting kicked out of your reception, go down to the AM/PM on the corner, and subsequently get arrested...

Mrs. F said...

I love hearing about your wedding plans. Keep 'em coming!

I would have done a ton of stuff different for my wedding. I would have relinquished less control. I would have made sure that we had plans for the night of the wedding (we didn't and we ended up staying at some seedy motel that night), I would have hired a photographer, I would have...started planning 18 months in advance, so that I would have known EXACTLY what was going to happen...You are doing fine so far!