Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm totally blah. Sorry about that.

I'm back in full wedding planning mode, and also feeling sorry for myself. Neither of these things have anything to do with the other.

I'm typing two handed, but probably shouldn't be. I had a punch biopsy on my shoulder today and I keep pulling the stitches. Not good. I'm listening to poor little Meatloaf whine in his bed because Sister-Daisy didn't have to go to bed too. He'll be over it in about a minute though because he's just seriously good natured. He's a happy little guy. I'm hoping he's going to love that he's going to daycare with Daisy in the morning. He's still a little skittish around other dogs; but he's getting used to them. I'm hoping daycare helps.

Hopefully it will help him to forgive us when he goes in to be neutered on Thursday.

Yeah, probably not. But again, he'll get over it. Besides, he'll get extra special treatment too, I'm sure. I'll be home with him for three days in a row - so yeah, one spoiled puppy coming up!

Today I did lots of googling. Looking for DIY flower arrangements. I'm really leaning towards using sunflowers, which seems like a fairly easy thing to put into bouquets. I have the prettiest black and white damask ribbon that will look fabulous. I'm just worried about buying bulk wholesale flowers and having something go wrong or have them arrive looking awful and giving me nothing to work with. Although, I haven't heard any bad reviews...so I'll probably go that way. (I'll also probably order the smallest order I can in the next month or so - that way I can check out the quality and my DIY abilities!)

I've got a DJ appointment scheduled. They are actually driving down (about an hour and a half from here) to meet with us. They seem really nice and are VERY reasonably priced. I got a suggestion from a friend at work....her DJ played the more classic smoother music at the beginning of the evening (read: for the older people) and then slowly moved into more modern dance music as the night wore on. Seriously though, I think that when it all comes down to it - it will be like my girlfriends (and their boyfriends because they will be stuck!), Mark's friend Gregg, my mom and my aunt Claudia...they will be the ones left standing.

I also went ahead and booked a trial run with a makeup artist that I found online. She's located very close to where the wedding will be held; and she was running a special this month. (free trial and 25% off!) So, while it's a bit early - I'm going to do that next week. I figure it's not like hair - my face will probably not change color/tone before October. It's funny because she asked me to bring photos of "makeup inspiration" and I realized that all the photos I pulled are of the same girl. LOL Apparently, I know what I like. (not too dark, smokey eye, pink glossy lip) It was actually kind of funny too because I sent out an email to my bridesmaids just letting them know that if they were interested in getting theirs done - that I was doing a trial and they all were interested - and one even asked if someone was coming to do hair too. I hadn't decided that yet either. Maybe closer to I'll look into that. I'm not sure what kind of veil for sure yet since I'm making some dress modifications. :)

I think Mark and I picked out the style of the cake too. I found a photo online of a white cake that had black lace placed onto it. And since my dress mod includes adding black lace trim - I think that might work out just perfectly.

gosh, I feel like I haven't gotten anything done, but once I started typing it all out - I realize I am not nearly as bad off as I thought! Especially since we're going to meet with the caterer to finalize everything next month and we're going to go check out the classical guitarist (for the ceremony) next month as well.

I really need to get on the elliptical and get camera ready for our engagement pics - I'd like to do them in May(ish).

So what are you guys up to?


PartyPlannerGal said...

Hi Aimee,

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love reading the adventures of other California brides! Good luck with the DIY sunflowers. They can be tricky, but oh so beautiful and worth it!

Freckle Face Girl said...

You sound so busy. Good luck this year!

DaughteroftheStars said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Hope you don't mind if I ask you a quick question? I am from Australia and am wondering what one does with engagement pictures? I love the idea of them but am confused to whether they have a specific purpose... do you use them on the wedding invites or are they just to mark the occasion?

Aimee said...

Ha! I love the name Aimee Enchalada. You should go with that. :)

just stumbled onto your blog from The Blogess.

Lindsey said...

Aimee, it really sounds like you are right on schedule in terms of the wedding planning. Your wedding it going to be gorgeous. I think sunflowers will look so pretty. Your cake idea sounds fabulous as well. You still have time...don't stress. It will all come together perfectly and then you'll wish you didn't stress out so much. Trust me. Although, if I had to do it again, I'd probably stress out just as much LOL