Monday, April 26, 2010

More Wedding Junk (with pics)

I have photos!

I finished the flower girl basket today. It's got sheer bows/ribbon in burgundy/black/white on the sides. I had them flowing down but with a black and white patterned dress, I thought it was too much.
And the table numbers were done over the weekend (they are little table tents - but you can't tell that from the photo).

Now it's your turn to weigh in on the cake topper. There are three that I've gotten over the course of our engagement. One is a Princess House Crystal bride and groom, another is a set of birds, and the last is a vintage (40s or 50s) ceramic couple. Mark really wanted people and not animals - so I think it's really between the vintage couple or the crystal couple. What do you think?

for those of you who are budget concious, here is the breakdown.
Flower Girl Basket - $10.20
$3.20 basket (easter clearance at michaels)
$2.00 flowers (2 bunches from dollar tree)
$3.00 ribbon
$2.00 green stuff to stick flowers in
Table Numbers - $13.00
$3.00 white card stock
$1.25 damask paper
$1.25 black textured paper
$7.50 adhesive (martha stewart - full price michaels)
Cake Topper - $14.75 (i included them all since I won't be returning any of them)
$0.00 Crystal bride and groom (gift from my aunt - she bought it at a yard sale)
$6.75 birds (full price at michaels)
$8.00 vintage couple (flea market find!)


Tamsyn said...

I know you said that it's between the other two... but I really love the little birds. All three are goregous though, good luck deciding.

audrey said...

I like the vintage couple. They're so charming and sweet! Something about them seems a little more fitting for you than the crystal couple.

Bicoastal Bride said...

The basket and table numbers look great! My pick is definitely the vintage couple. So cute!

Breathe Gently said...

You're so talented Miss Aimee. Love the table numbers, they look amazing :)

I really like the vintage couple, provided it matches the rest of your 'feel' for the wedding.. the doves are sort of sweet too though.

You're so organised! How long to go now?

Lindsey said...

The little ceramic couple, definitely. They are so sweet and cute and unique...they are more YOU than the other. Adorable!

Also, the table numbers and flower girl basket..OMG LOVE EVERYTHING. Why didn't I have you plan MY wedding?!!

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Love the table numbers.