Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Married People Do

Hi Guys!

How were the holidays? I want to say that mine were good - but they flew by in a flurry of wedding parties and drive-by Christmases.

My BFF Emily got married December 19th. Prior to that we had her bachelorette party (which was really a crafting sleepover during which we finished a lot of her wedding projects). We had an adorable bridal shower - it was vintage 50s housewife themed. So I made an apron shaped cake and sported a cupcake covered apron.

And even with all of that going on, I still had time to finish the Christmas gifts I was crocheting - including these two hat and scarf sets. (one for my sister in law and one for my sweet niece)

I was also able to finish a hat and sweater set for my 6 month old niece.

Plus(!) we found time to take the kids to see santa!
That was a true experience. We've taken Daisy and Meatloaf to see santa at the same store every year. The last two years, santa was a little woman. This year santa was a big man. But he wasn't jolly. In fact, he was afraid of dogs(!) I know, right?! It was annoying. But the pups looking adorable. So there is that.

We spent Christmas with all the families - Mark's mom's side the weekend before, my dad's side on Christmas eve, My mom and her side on Christmas day. Overall, married Christmas is pretty awesome. I got a bunch of fun baking things (ingredients, pans, etc), fabulous books, adorable clothes (and boots!) I must have been very very good.

We followed up all that excitement with a low key New Year's on the couch.

And you know what comes with the New Year right? Resolutions. I haven't made real resolutions but I definitely want to spend more time doing things I enjoy. And spend more time at the dog park (these things go together, mostly). I don't like that I only read 6 books last year. Though, I had a good excuse. haha. I made a goal of reading 111 books this year. I've read 3 so far, so I'm on target.

I hope to blog more - and keep the internets up to date on my latest creation or book review. I've missed you guys.


Anonymous said...

Awesome crochet projects. They are beautiful Must learn to crochet...

So... am I correct in assuming that you went to a PET STORE to see Santa? Cuz if so, what on earth are they doing with a Santa who's afraid of dogs??? But if you went to, say, THE MALL, I can see why Santa would be a bit shaken.

aimee said...

it was at PetSmart. ugh. haha. Thanks! try youtube for videos on learning crochet. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

speaking of projects - any plans to put together another SDBBE? :)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds like the holidays were great, despite the crazy Santa. I don't know what is worse - the fact that they hired him or the fact that he even applied.

Great crocheting projects by the way!